Jaguar XJS shooting brake

Meeting on 20 and 21 October 2012

The first Eventer, the XJS shooting brake conversion by Lynx, was unveiled in August 1982 at Brown’s Lane during the Jaguar factory open days. Sir John Egan looked at it with disregard while the press unanimously praised the design and the quality of the Lynx conversion.

From 1982 to 2002, Lynx converted 67 XJS into Eventers plus 1 prototype which is still in existence. 2 of these Eventers were sold in Germany under another brand, they are known as Royal-Motors Las Vegas. Another one, or maybe 2, were sold in Germany by Arden under their own brand and renamed AJ3 Station car. Copies were made in the early 90’s infringing Lynx copyrights, in France by Les Ateliers Réunis which is supposed to have produced between 5 and 11 depending on the source, and in Belgium where Gerard Dulait made 1. Most of these Eventers or Eventers copies are supposed to be still in existence.

If you own one of these cars you’re welcomed to join us to celebrate the Eventer 30th Anniversary with Guy Black and Chris Keith-Lucas, founders of Lynx and fathers of the Eventer. Many are already confirmed, coming from Belgium, France, Germany and UK.

This meeting will be held in East Sussex on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th October 2012. A short program will allow one day participants on Saturday. Full access will be restricted to owners, accompanying persons and guests as we may not have facilities to welcome a large public but we are looking for a place where public could be welcomed as well to have a look. As soon as this place will be confirmed I'll let it know here.

If you are interested and want further informations, detailed program or registration form please e-mail Pascal(at)LynxEventer(dot)com