Jaguar XJS shooting brake


According to my sources, Lynx would have produced:

  • 67 Eventers (but it’s sometimes question of 68)
  • There would have been 1 or 2 prototypes of which I do not know if they belong to the 67 usually quoted specimens.


Among these 67 Eventers, there would be:

  • 52 pre facelift
  • 15 facelift
  • 18 LHD
  • 49 RHD
  • 3 Eventers 3.6L (2 with manual gearbox and 1 automatic)
  • 2 or 3 XJR-S
  • 1 Eventer 6 cylinders 4.0L AJ6 (n° 64)
  •  All other Eventers are of V12 HE

2 Eventers delivered in Norway or Finland would be simple 2 places, because of a local legislation.

The prototype was presented at the press in August 1982 (its interior was not even finished yet!). The last Eventer was produced in 2002. 

It is the same workman who built the 67 (or 68) Eventers along these 20 years. Its name escapes to me but I will correct this gap quickly.



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